Lighthouse Bells

Close your eyes and place yourself on a dock, whether it be on a lake or a river, or on a beloved ocean cove. Listen for the halyards hitting the masts, the floating bell buoy, and a ship's bell alerting its arrival into the harbor.  These are the sounds that the Lighthouse Bells® will bring to mind.  Made of steel and durably powder-coated, these bells will last for years outdoors.  As the bells age, a patina will occur, and the sounds will play on.

There are two designs of our Lighthouse Bells:

  • The three-sided lighthouses (Sailor’s and Sentinel), inspired by the old wooden lighthouses. The first lighthouses in America were made of wood, which was readily available and able to be constructed quickly.
  • The five-sided lighthouse (Guardian and Overseer), inspired by the old stone lighthouses.  Old stone-masonry lighthouse were found to be able to stand up to more treacherous conditions.