Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy:

Privacy is of great concern to most users of the Internet, and is a critical part of an enjoyable and satisfactory user experience. Roots is acutely aware of, and sensitive to the privacy concerns of our subscribers, visitors, and customers to our Website. Whether you are a customer or a visitor to our site, we assure you that we do not collect personal information from you unless you provide it to us. We do not provide or sell personal information about our customers or site visitors to any vendors or third party providers.


Privacy Statement Enforcement:

We rely on online users to report violations of posted privacy statements or specific privacy concerns. If you feel that we are violating this Privacy Statement, please contact us at [email protected]. Please specify "Privacy Statement" in the subject line of your email. Information We Gather from You Personal Information - Roots does not collect any personal information from a visitor to our site unless that visitor explicitly and intentionally provides it. The primary way in which you may explicitly and intentionally provide us with and consent to our collection of certain personal information:Email Request for Information or Registrations for Customers - We use links throughout our site to provide you with the opportunity to contact us via email to ask questions, request information, place orders, or provide comments and suggestions.