5 Things To Know About Ptown This Summer

5 Things To Know About Ptown This Summer

A few hints to make your trip to Ptown this Summer the best it can be!

5 Things to Know About Provincetown This Summer

Masks Are Off
As of Memorial Day weekend, mask requirements were lifted for people who have been vaccinated. Masks are still requested for individuals who have not been fully vaccinated, and they remain mandatory on public and private transportation systems. This includes rideshares, taxis, and ferries. Additionally, some businesses are still asking their patrons to mask up for now. So it's a good idea to bring a mask or two with you to Ptown, even if you have been vaccinated.
The Parties Are On
Many of the event weeks in Ptown that you know and love were canceled last year. But we're back in action this year with all your favorites, like Bear Week July 10th - 18th and Carnival Week August 15th - 22nd. This year's theme will be 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow!' Of course, these popular events will make social distancing challenging, so everyone is encouraged to do what they can to keep themselves safe.
Vaccine Cards Are In
While most retailers, including the gang at Roots Home, will assume you've been vaccinated if you enter without a mask, some of the dance clubs and bars will be requiring proof of vaccination for entry. So bring your vaccination card with you and enjoy the freedom of knowing you're partying in a safe environment.
The Crowds Are Here
Provincetown already saw record numbers of visitors through the Spring, and it looks like the crowds are here to stay through the summer. Many guesthouses are reporting they're already booked solid through the fall. Not booked yet? Don't despair, there are always cancellations and hidden rooms for rent. But if you're hoping to make it up to Ptown this year, start your search for accommodations immediately! And if you just can't find anything for the summer, maybe consider an autumn trip. The weather's still lovely, many of the crowds are gone, and the Cape takes on a romantic fall vibe.
Workers are Scarce
If you've talked to anyone in Ptown, you may have heard there is an unprecedented shortage of workers this year. (Thankfully, we have a full crew of happy faces at Roots Home). This may mean longer wait times at your favorite restaurants and shops. Remember, a little bit of patience and understanding will go a long way this season. Just relax and remember you're on a beach schedule. Where everything happens in its own time!
One last Bonus Thing to Know
We really missed everyone last year! We're happy to be back and have you in town again. Please stop in and say hi when you're in town. We have a lot of exciting new items this year that we can't wait to share with all of you. Life is good again!!


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