Lake Minnetonka Wood Map

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Lake Minnetonka is the ninth largest lake in Minnesota and is a popular spot for fishing, boating, biking, and tourism. The area was home to several different Native American tribes for centuries before being officially named by Minnesota’s territorial governor Alexander Ramsey in 1852 in honor of the Dakota tribe’s description of the lake as Mní iá Tháŋka, which translates to “the-water-they-speak-of-is-large.”

Our lake art of Lake Minnetonka uses a bathymetric chart to showcase the natural beauty of the region’s dozens of interconnected waterways. An artist uses the chart’s measurements to create laser-cut pieces of Baltic birch in the precise shape of the lake’s topographical outlines. The layers representing water are hand-stained, and each piece is layered together to create the dimension and depth you know and love. Our wood lake map includes engraved landmarks, a solid wood frame, and an acrylic glass top for protection.

Hang this lake art in your home or office and display your love of Lake Minnetonka in style.