Great Lakes Cribbage Board

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The Great Lakes, also known as the inland seas for their ocean-like characteristics, sit along the United States and Canada border. The lakes are interconnected freshwater lakes and connect via the Saint Lawrence River to the Atlantic Ocean.

Our Great Lakes Cribbage Board provides scoring for up to three players and adds a nautical aspect to one of our favorite card games. A laser-etched topographical map of the Great Lakes adorns the front of the Baltic birch board and includes highlighted roads, points of interest, and other must-visit attractions. Each wood lake game board includes skunks, pegs, and a hidden storage compartment in the back. The wood's natural grain is highlighted with an oil-based finish, making this board a beautiful decoration for your coffee table, or you can hang it on the wall with the nail slot in the back.

Recall your love of the Great Lakes with each game of cribbage that you play with this hand crafted lake art.